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    No need to dig: it's all there.
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    To perceive a new aspect of oneself is the first step towards changing the concept of self.

The awareness of inner beauty


Sartre argues that imagination plays a ‘dematerialisation’ function capable of opening the consciousness to a sphere of absolute freedom, unknown to perception.

The work of art in its materiality is the only sensible set of acts of imagination, depicting so in the highest degree because of its ability to move away from the constraints of reality to the power of imagination.

Starting from the faculty of imagination, many members of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis - among the first, C.G. Jung and R. Assagioli -  (and also in the context of bio-natural medicine), have developed techniques and methods of introspection and self-exploration, linked to the imagination and visualisation.  Within this thesis we will give an overview of the methods known in the field and display some which have been experienced on a personal level.

When we perceive an object and are affected by a particular or variety of qualities or an evaluation form (Gestalt), that not only attracts our attention, but is not emotionally indifferent, that triggers in us a special emotion that properly inaugurates the aesthetic process.


In this workshop the participants will be accompanied to gain experience of their aesthetic potential through guided visualisation sessions.  We will be suggesting some possible additions of imaginative methods and visualisation techniques together with other disciplines aimed at the inner search, which can act in such a path as an empowerment of the media work and further understanding of its meanings related to aesthetics.


Be able to see the image as a psychic production and creative experience of our somatic and affective relationship with reality.


Bachelard:  The Poetics of Reverie.  Daedalus, 2008.

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