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    No need to dig: it's all there.
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    To perceive a new aspect of oneself is the first step towards changing the concept of self.

Introducing workshop Artelier

The blank canvas represents a familiar fear for artists.  Making art involves risk; it means to gamble with our emotional balance.  The question we ask ourselves in a journey of personal growth is: ‘can the process of making this passage from a blank sheet to an expression be of any help to the people too?’  What does the process consist of?  And how can it bring self-empowerment and well-being?’

Art has always had the role, not only of communicating the truth of the soul, but also of bringing people to an internal maturation.  In fact, art puts us in contact with our sensitivity; it helps us to become aware of how we are; and, for sure, it is a way to connect the different parts of us: feeling, thinking and acting.  Through this link art allows us to experience a transformation in ourselves.  In fact, during the creative process, not only is the product constantly changing, but also the person who is carrying it out.

Gestalt teaches us that the Void (emptiness) is nothing less than a polarity, the opposite aspect of our ability to experience fullness and satiety.  It also considers the dialogues between the parties as a space in which the body language and the discourse turn into lifestyle choices leading to more meaningful and creative actions for the person.  The void is the space within which change can take place.  ‘The person able to tolerate the experience of the fertile void, deeply experiencing his own confusion will have a big surprise....’  With this attitude more elements can converge, such as trust in the self-regulating processes and autoplasty as well as the Socratic maieutics and anti-intellectual approach.  This condition is the result of training, to which, indeed, too little attention is often devoted within traditional training courses, so that most people believe they can solve the confusion and malaise by stopping the process with interpretations, speculations, explanations and rationalisations.

‘One must have chaos within himself to generate a dancing star’ (Nietzsche)

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