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    No need to dig: it's all there.
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    To perceive a new aspect of oneself is the first step towards changing the concept of self.

Black Room Experience-BRE

The “Black Room Experience-BRE” included experimentally in the exhibition “Sulle orme di Escher” originates from the aim to re-legitimize the distinctive artistic aspect of each one of us, help the work of art to be received in those places in our soul which often remain desolate, inaccessible and unknown to ourselves, as well as stimulate the creative process which characterizes the whole of human nature.

How it works:

The observers will be able “to go through the exhibition”, letting themselves lose their “balance” just for a while, thanks to an experience, short but significant enough to let an emotion reveal itself to such an extent that it becomes shape, expression, colour – installation.

Those who choose to enter the Black Room become willing to venture on a piercing of their very souls and give shape to the experience that comes from all this. Under the guidance of therapists people can enjoy feeling their real, deep emotions, being moved, and creating shapes out of these emotions. Out of the Black Room come aesthetic representations and traces of the souls which have gone right through the exhibition and have left traces behind in the exhibition. A video installation documents the experience.

The center of the cosmos

On February 18th at 7:00 PM, Vito Masi’s exhibition, AT THE CENTER OF THE COSMOS, curated by Sergio Buoncristiano and Fiorella Fiore and coordinated by Nunzia Perrone, will open at A100 Gallery in Galatina (Lecce). The latest artworks by the native Belgian artist, highlight his return to a certain figurative art, after having spent years focusing on abstraction. This recent trend takes its origin from a very personal conception of photography where the subjects and places depicted belong to a more intimate sphere of the artist. His art relies on the skilful use of painting techniques which exceed photography and provide the artworks with great allure.
As Luca Beatrice writes in the artist’s catalog introductive text, «In the majority of his recent artworks, Vito Masi, depicts bodies, who belong to his relatives and people close to him. He situates them in unnatural ways with twisting, tiring postures, capturing them by fragments or portions. He studies their muscles, their skin and its imperfections, he draws a sort of geography, a map, an atlas of epidermis.>>
Nunzia Perrone, Director of A100 Gallery, and Andrea Zizzari and Luca Petrini, both Gestalt psychologists and therapists, will attend the inauguration. Zizzari and Petrini will present the methodological approach of the fledgling Department A100 Gestalt, where art comes in contact with and integrates into the multidisciplinary and multicultural research activity of the gallery.
Being connected with both internal and external worlds is the essence of Gestalt and it also defines the way its phenomenology meets different art expressions in a unique experience, where words take shape and shapes speak out. Gestalt is a German word that means “shape with meaning“. It means: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. According to Gestalt Psychology, human development, growth, and self-growth exist as perceived within an environmental relationship.
During the vernissage will be held an haiku poetry reading; the author, Daniele Brancati, winner, in 2015, of International Matsuo Basho Award, will read some poetry from his recent poems collection Lights from the Lighthouse

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