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    No need to dig: it's all there.
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    To perceive a new aspect of oneself is the first step towards changing the concept of self.

Mission & Vision

Arts, Gestalt, Communications.

At first sight the connection between psychology and art can appear, in some ways, weird enough to require an explanation or justification.
Actually, from our point of view, such an idea has blossomed as a natural consequence of a certain kind of awareness, a sort of "having suddenly realized" that there is a connection.
Becoming aware means seeing something that has always been there more clearly – it’s right under our noses, but of which we had never been aware before. From a Gestalt perspective all this can be explained as something that used to be “in the background” and, all of a sudden, has come “into the picture”, taking shape, becoming clear. Therefore, we have just realized how much psychology there is in art, and, at the same time, how much art is included, necessarily, in a high-level psychotherapeutic 1 process.
As a matter of fact, what is art, if not a bridge between matter and soul? Where does the work of art, as it slowly takes shape, come from if not from the shades of the artist’s soul and his innermost self? And where does the work of art place itself if not in the most mysterious and boundless places in the soul of the observer? This is when the work of art touches us, giving us a specific quality and, somehow, makes an impression on our soul, enriching it with a particular flavour, a particular emotional tone, a particular experience. In the end, it is our very soul which becomes the ultimate guardian of the work of art.
So the work ends up being a thread which connects inner worlds, otherwise separated, unable to express themselves or experience that quality if not through that particular work of art.
Consequently, we have realized how impellent and important it is for us to prepare our soul to receive the work of art. In our dominant cultural background, still dazzled by the echoes of the early '900s, and devoted to mythicizing rationalism and the “exact” sciences, the “feelings” of human soul have been overwhelmed by the weight of “thought”.
We have become cold, bureaucratized and neurotic because of the myth of efficiency, fashion and appearances. Our soul has become a piece of costume jewelry which tends to reproduce thought patterns and behaviour absorbed from advertising spots or static and ready-prepared models.
Therefore, due to this degraded state, for most of the public art has become something almost superfluous, an end in itself, destined for a selected and restricted elite of users.

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1 Here we are referring to humanistic psychotherapies, especially to the Gestalt psychotherapy (PDG) created by Fritz Perls in the '60s and '70s.

It is just from this awareness and the need to let our soul become accessible once again to the breeze which emanates from the work of art that two experimental projects originate: "A Journey in Sensitization to the Aesthetic Experience" which took place on the A100 Gallery premises during the April-June 2016 period; the “Black Room” included experimentally in the exhibition proposed here. Both these efforts, with peculiarities and different operating modes of intervention, originate from the aim to re-legitimize the distinctive artistic aspect of each one of us, help the work of art to be received in those places in our soul which often remain desolate, inaccessible and unknown to ourselves, as well as stimulate the creative process which characterizes the whole of human nature.
This certainly does not mean that we are all artists, but, whether we like it or not, we all have to make up our minds about living in a creative or a reiterative way. A100 Gallery exhibits the higher calibre of Contemporary art that is both accessible to younger art-lovers and beloved by seasoned experienced collectors alike.
We undertake the organization of art exhibitions from concept to completion, providing curatorial and art advisory services as well as related seminars, workshops, conferences where Gestalt and Art are “heart and soul” of our projects.
We support companies and institutions providing them artistic, technical and commercial advice such as, transport works, insurance, logistics, event management, marketing & communication.
The gallery works with each of its corporate partners in a bespoke manner to create a tailor made package of benefits to align with their unique initiatives.
For independent and smaller purposes the gallery can tailor its spaces for clients who wish to hire this venue for an event suited to smaller, more intimate gatherings.