Bogumil Ksiazek (b.1974 in Cracow) was educated at the Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts (1995-2000). 2003-2009 lived and worked in Florence. 2009- 2015 lives and works in Cracow, by 2009 employed on Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

His works have been purchased by the Frissiras Museum in Athen, and appear in private collections.

For Bogumil Ksiazek, the practice of painting is a subject in itself. Guided by the principles of uncertainty and eclecticism, he follows a thread, carefully feeling his way along it, and illuminating it with the tools he has to hand – fingers, brushes, computer,collage – all with consummate ease. Abstraction he treats as gesture, or as geometry to be superimposed, combined, or conflated with a figurative register, this process creating marks, smudges and stains. This fusion of abstract with figurative is the surrealistic method he employs in his search. His palette, with its seemingly random twists and turns, follows its own path; at times intense, at times reduced to a subdued monochrome.

Selected one man show:

  • 2015   Kilka papierów, Academy of Fine Art, Cracow
  • 2014   Sandhofer Gallery, Salzburg
  • 2014   Aprodi, Castello Acaya, Italia
  • 2014   Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2013   Myth, Water and Vapour, Lisa Norris Gallery, London
  • 2013   Enea and Diogene, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow 
  • 2012   Una Bella Settimana, Academy of Fine Art, Cracow
  • 2010   Transgresja & Nostalgia, Rostworowski Galery, Cracow
  • 2009   Wizja Lokalna, Bogumił Książek, Galeria Grodzka, Cracow
  • 2005   Bogumił Książek Pittura, Noto, Sicily
  • 2001   Galeria Młodych, Cracow
  • 1995   Cafe Dym, Cracow

Group exhibition:

  • 2014  Desiderata, A 100 Gallery, Galatina, Italia
  • 2013  Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens
  • 2013  The Deceit of the Flesh, Frissiras Museum, Athens
  • 2012  Face to Face, Frissiras Museum, Athens
  • 2011  Black&White, Frissiras Museum, Athens
  • 2010  Dom I Bezdomność, BWA Częstochowa
  • 2010  Naked Truth, Frissiras Museum, Athens
  • 2008  The New Power of Painting, Frissiras Museum, Athens
  • 2007  38 Biennale malarstwa „Bielska Jesień”, BWA Bielsko Biała
  • 2007  Profilo d’Arte, Museo della Permanente, Milan
  • 2007  Eclectic Affinities Among European Artists, Frissiras Museum
  • 2005  37 Biennale malarstwa „Bielska Jesień” , BWA Bielsko Biała
  • 2005  No da definire Noto, Sicily
  • 2002  Trzy po trzy, Galeria Młynek, Cracow
  • 2002  Female Life, Warsaw
  • 2002  Młodzi malarze z Krakowa, Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2001 Grądman, Książek, Studzińska, Stankiewicz,Galeria Młodych, Cracow
  • 2001  Art East Debrecen, Hungary
  • 2000 1540km- 957miles, St.Martin’s College, London
  • 1999  13 obrazów, Klub pod Ręką, Cracow
  • 1999  Grafika Malarzy, Klub pod Ręką, Cracow
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