Christos Pallantzas is one of the most relevant artists from Greece. Also recognized at international level as one of the most refined examples of  “Contemporary Master”. Pallantzas was born in Larissa, Greece, in 1962. He studied Painting at the Athens Academy of Fine Arts, under Dimitris Mytaras, Nikos Kessanlis and Dimosthenis Kokkinidis ,from 1982-1989.  He has been awarded  by the French Government with a grant of the Ecolé Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris at the atelier de la peinture of Pierre Carron, where he refined his artistic research and attended his post graduated studies. Pallanztas has studied in depth the great masters of the past  and metabolized certain creative processes, but he expresses himself in total autonomy, strong in his vision of reality and his great ability to transpose his inner universe onto the canvas. Today many of his s works can be found in the Greek National Gallery, the Benaki Museum, the Florina Museum, the Kouvoutsakis Art Collection, the Frissiras Museum, the Agricultural Bank of Greece Collection, the Heracles Group of Companies Collection, and other private museums and collections in Greece and abroad. Moreover, his work was selected as representative of Greek Contemporary Art during the Olympic Games of 2004.


  • 1991      Paris, France-Gallery Bernanos
  • 1993      Athens, Greece - Skoufa Gallery
  • 1996      Athens, Greece - Heracles Group of Companies Calendar
  • 1996      Megara, Greece- Heracles Group of Companies Calendar
  • 1996      Athens, Greece - "Art-Athina " - Skoufa Gallery
  • 1999      Athens, Greece - Skoufa Gallery
  • 2000      Athens, Greece - Ekfrasi Gallery
  • 2004      Athens, Greece - Skoufa Gallery
  • 2004      Athens, Greece- “Art-Athina “- Argo Gallery
  • 2005      Nicosia,Cyprus, C. K. Art Gallery,
  • 2009      Nicosia,Cyprus, C. K. Art Gallery,
  • 2014      Athens, Greece –“Art- Athina”- Alpha C. K. Art Gallery
  • 2014      Nicosia, Cyprus, ALPHA C. K. Art Gallery
  • 2016      Athens, Greece - ''if you were here''(EI HΣ ΩΔΕ) - Evripides Art gallery
  • 2017      Nicosia, Cyprus, ALPHA C.K. Art gallery



  • 1989      Athens - "Athens - Plastique Arts 1989"
  • 1989      Athens - "3rd International Meeting for the Protection of Environment"
  • 1989      Athens - "Fine Arts School Graduates"-National Institute of Research
  • 1991      Athens, Vlassis Frissiras Collection, Pierides Museum - Cultural Center of Athens City Hall
  • 1991      Paris, France - "Artistes du Monde" - Gallery Bernanos
  • 1992      Rhodes & Zakynthos, "Vlassis Frissiras" Collection - Pinacotheque Rhodes City Hall - Byzantine Museum.
  • 1993      Nicosia, Cyprus - "The Midwest Group of Companies and the Dutch Association of Cyprus (NVC)".
  • 1993      Hydra, Greece - "Young Greek Artists"
  • 1993      Piraeus, Greece - "Young Greek Artists"- Astrolavos Gallery
  • 1995      Athens, Greece - "Homage to El Greco" National Gallery
  • 1996      Athens, Greece - Ledra Marriot Hotel
  • 1996      Chios - Volos, Greece - "HERCULES Group of Companies Collection"
  • 1996      Nicosia, Cyprus - ARGO Gallery
  • 1997     Salonica, Greece - Cultural City of Europe - City Hall Art Gallery.
  • 1997      Nicosia, Cyprus - Hilton Hotel
  • 1997      Nicosia, Cyprus - ARGO Gallery
  • 1997      Larissa, Greece - Cultural Center of Modern Art
  • 1998      Brussels, Belgium - West Europe Union, (cur. Ath. Schina)
  • 1998      Athens, Greece - Zoumboulakis Gallery “12 artists are painting for the "SANTE Calendar"
  • 2000      Athens, Greece - Ekfrasi Gallery “Personal Relations”
  • 2000      Thessaloniki, Greece - Epsilon Gallery
  • 2002      Athens, Greece - Skoufa Gallery “Red”
  • 2003      Ledra House, Nicosia – Cyprus
  • 2003      Athens, Greece - Skoufa Gallery ,“Art  Relations”
  • 2003      Athens, Greece - Cultural Center of Athens City Hall
  • 2003      Athens, Greece - Cultural Olympics, (cur. Peggy Kounenaki)
  • 2004      Athens, Technopolis Gazi, “City of the Games”, (cur. Ath. Schina)
  • 2004      Nicosia, C. K. Art Gallery, Cyprus
  • 2005      Athens, Peri Technon Gallery, “Masks”, (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • 2006      Athens, Athens College, “Penelope Delta”, (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • 2007      Athens, Benaki Museum, “Birthplace”, (cur. Iris kritikou)
  • 2009      Hydra, Historical Archives Museum, (cur. Fivi Paraskeva)
  • 2010      Athens, ‘’Human Measures’’, Melina Mercouri Foundation, Municipality of Athens,(cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • 2010      Sifnos, National Gallery, “New acquisitions”
  • 2010      Athens, Skoufa Gallery,’’ Synsthesis-synesthisis’’
  • 2010      Instabul, Turkey, “Tracing Constantinople”, (cur.Iris Kritikou)
  • 2011      Athens, Athens Plaza, ‘’Six Views’’, (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • 2011    Thessaloniki, Atrion Gallery, “Man matters”, (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • 2011     Athens, Skoufa Gallery
  • 2012      Athens, Frissiras Museum, ‘’Face to Face”, (cur. Th. Moutsopoulos)
  • 2013      Athens, Frissiras Museum, “ The Deceit of the Flesh”, (cur. Th. Moutsopoulos)
  • 2013      Athens, National Archaelogical Museum,” Offer”, (cur. Manos Stefanidis)
  • 2014      Korea, Seoul, International  Korean Art Fair.
  • 2014       Italy, Lecce, Galatina, A 100 Gallery, ‘’Desiderata” (cur. Lorenzo Madaro)
  • 2015       Italy, Lecce, Galatina, A 100 Gallery, ''It's all about paper'' (cur. Lorenzo Madaro)
  • 2016       Instabul, Turkey,  ''Balkan Breeze'' Summart Art Center (cur.Ozlem Alecakir)
  • 2016       Thessaloniki, Greece, Nitra gallery
  • 2017      Athenes, Greece '' Eros Iros'', (cur. Iris Kritikou)


“The paintings of Christos have something of unattanaible. Just beautiful, executed with great skill, the more you look at them the more they bring back to mind this or that great painter of the past. But it is a moment and then we start again to meditate, to investigate, to try to see this or that reference. The truth is that Pallanztas has studied the great masters in depth, understood the lesson, he has metabolized certain creative processes, but expresses himself in total autonomy, strong in his vision of reality and his great ability to transpose his inner universe onto the canvas. And then that atmosphere in his paintings...Look at these girls curled up on a chair or lazily stretched out on a sofa and feel the heat that pervades the room! Look at the painting without emitting the slightest sigh to avoid disturbing the tangible silence that reigns in that place! Vilhelm Hammershøi came to mind in the game of cross-references, but the Danish northern contrasts the intense colors of the Mediterranean environment of Pallantzas,in a play of light and shadow, of detail and nuance. And if the visions of the artist are wonderfully colored, everything that he puts under our gaze, a body, an interior, a set of fruits, is never completely clear and defined and never gives us back a sense of complete belonging to the real world. Basically, we know that we are dreaming!”

(Extract from the critical text by Sergio Buoncristiano "Another reality, Contemporary Visionary Art")”


"Great artists are never really labelable. Pallantzas less than many others. He portrays people for what they are... Better yet, as he knew them, without any pretence of objectivity, without wanting to entrust any particular message to their paintings. Indeed, without entrusting it to a particular framework, but rather, implicitly, to the totality of one's work. "To shake us the painting must not limit itself to remembering life, but having its own".

So what does Pallantzas paint? We can choose to look and not think or to think as we watch or let the image speak through our eyes. The strength of Pallantzas painting is interpreting and being able to represent, penetrating even into the territory of the unconscious because art implies life."

(Extracted from the critical text of Nunzia Perrone, for the catalog of the personal Exposition: ΕΙ ΗΣ ΩΔΕ (ΕΑΝ ΗΣΟΥΝ ΕΔΩ) at Evripides Art Gallery, February 9th 2016, Athens, Greece)

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