Ulderico Tramacere was born in Lecce in 1975. Currently lives and works in Milan.

As an eclectic and actively engaged author, he discovers the media of photography self-taught but "the spiritual encounter" with some of the greatest contemporary masters transforms him profoundly and lead to refine his training. He is currently one of the most interesting emerging photographers in the Italian art scene and highly recognized by the Art critics.His powerful black and white images emphatically tell of events, landscapes and atmospheres of today's Italy, to arouse a cultural and social reflection of the impact of human action on the environment. Intimately linked to his native land and to the millenary wisdom of rural culture, Tramacere uses symbols and metaphors to return his poetic visual story, to the present times. He won prestigious photography awards and he is author of publications, exhibiting his work in prestigious galleries and institutions. Furthermore the artist participates to international contemporary art fairs.

Among his bodies of works: "Nylon", Mia Photo fair 2018, (in 2017 he won the "Piaceri d'Italia", "Film plastici" (2016), "Arneo" award with the work "Pecora Nera" "(Ed. Grifo, 2015)," Lente di Fresnel "(2004-in progress), today serves as the" signature "of the author and his personal research on the photographic portrait," Liber Monstrorum de diversis generibus "(2012), contemporary bestiary exhibited at the Italian Center of Author Photography and at Art Vilnius, "The magic eye" (2012), tribute to the extraordinary gaze of fellow photographers, published by Il raggio verde.


            Edited Book, Foreword: Ferdinando Scianna

            Afterword and texts editor: Chiara Agagiù

            Limited Numbered Edition (1000 copies)

            Edizioni Grifo, Lecce

            Edited Book, Foreword: Maurizio Lupi, Pippo Pappalardo

            Il Raggio Verde, Lecce


2016   Cellophane – Idomeni

            Special mention at “Portfolio Italia” competition (TA)

  • 2015   La Piovra

            Finalist at “Portfolio Italia” competition

  •  2012   Liber monstrorum de diversis generibus

            Finalist at “Portfolio Italia” competition

            Finalist at “Portfolio Italia” competition



  • 2015   Arneo

            Cantine Moros

            Guagnano – LE



            Fondazione Grimaldi

            Modica – RG



            Galleria Ortigia Island Photography



  •  2014   La Piovra

            Centro Italiano della fotografia d’Autore

            Bibbiena – AR



            Palazzo dei Sette


            Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore

            Bibbiena – AR 

            8/12 – 10/2/2013

  •  2012   The Magic Eye

            Palazzo Risolo

            Specchia – LE

            16/8 – 30/8


            Officine Cantelmo


            15/4 – 29/4


  •  2009  Fresnel Lens

            Festival Internazionale della Fotografia

            Odradek - Roma

            30/5- 5/6



  •  2018    MIA PhotoFair
  • ​ 2017    MIA PhotoFair
  •  2014    Art Vilnius (Lituania)

            Liber Monstrorum De Diversis Generibus

            Limited Edition

            Fine art prints and handmade varnishes

            Gallery: Riva Arte Contemporanea


  • 2016    P. Pappalardo, Arneo, in «Gente di Fotografia», XXII, 65, 2016    pp. 88-91 .
  • 2014    A. Lauria, La Piovra, in «Riflessioni», XI, 2014, pp. 42-43
  • 2012    M. Lupi, Liber Monstrorum de diversis generibus,in «Fotoit»XXXIX, 2013, pp. 16-19.  


"His images impose themselves for their poetic essentiality, for their metaphorical ability to communicate the drama of these trees, eradicated from the land that fed them and made them sick, waiting for displacement. Based on closeness and the ability to "see-feel" these of olive trees as wounded and powerful presences, Tramacere's photographs make up a sort of disturbing and fascinating macabre dance; they make us feel the cry of pain of a nature increasingly dominated by man but, at the same time, they bring out the archaic strength ".

(Extracted from the critical text by Gigliola Foschi)

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