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Who we are

Arts, Gestalt, Communications.

Founded in 2007 with the aim of presenting relevant contemporary art positions from emerging international artist with a multidisciplinary overview building bridges to contemporary research.
Since its debut in London in 2012, with the premiere exhibition “Nude” by artist Eva Caridi at Ambika P3-Wenstminster University, the vision is to create meaningful and unexpected experiences in the art world with a strong international focus.
Along the lines of a sequence of intense studio visits compelling narratives that slow down how we view art emphasize education and art historical context, within the greater vision of the market.
December 2014 was established A100 Gallery in Italy. The gallery represents both established and emerging artists. Further extending its program to a wider audience A100 Gallery participates in major art fairs.
Since its inception, the exhibition space, an elegant XIX Century building located in historical town centre of Galatina, has hosted a variety of exhibitions, events and cultural programmes such as seminaries and educational workshops.
December 2016 A100 GESTALT was established, a Department of Contemporary Research based on the Gestalt approach. Introducing artists and works that sensitize people to adopt new modes of observing, processing, and decoding visual information and experiences that shape the ways they perceive and respond to the world around them.
Gestalt is an approach to understanding what it is to be human. It takes a holistic view: as individuals, we’re a totality of mind, body, emotions and spirit. With a focus on Art and Communication, combining skills and competences of artists, psychotherapists and trainers it is a hub for inspiring learning through the unique transformative approach of A100 Gestalt Methodology.

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The important part of the psychology of art is not in the dream or in the critical consciousness; it is (where the psychoanalysts do not look for it) in the concentrated sensation and in the playful manipulation of the material medium.
His [the artist’s] aware-ness is in a kind of middle mode, neither active nor passive, but accepting the conditions, attending to the job, and growing toward the solution.
And just so with children: it is their bright sensation and free, apparently aimless, play that allows the energy to flow spontaneously and come to such charming inventions. . .
Can the same middle mode of acceptance and growth operate in adult life in more “serious” concerns? We believe so
[F. Perls et al., 1951]

Our Services

A100 Gallery exhibits the higher calibre of Contemporary art that is both accessible to younger art-lovers and beloved by seasoned experienced collectors alike.
We undertake the organization of art exhibitions from concept to completion, providing curatorial and art advisory services as well as related seminars, workshops, conferences where Gestalt and Art are “heart and soul” of our projects.
We support companies and institutions providing them artistic, technical and commercial advice such as, transport works, insurance, logistics, event management, marketing & communication.
The gallery works with each of its corporate partners in a bespoke manner to create a tailor made package of benefits to align with their unique initiatives.
For independent and smaller purposes the gallery can tailor its spaces for clients who wish to hire this venue for an event suited to smaller, more intimate gatherings.